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About Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines is a Dubai-based international airline that operates an expansive network of flights around the globe. Known for its luxury, comfort, and top-notch service, Emirates is a popular choice for travelers seeking a premium flying experience. With a modern fleet of aircraft, including the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777, Emirates ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey across its various destinations.

A Brief History of Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines was founded in 1985, with its first flights taking off on October 25th that year. Since then, the airline has grown rapidly, becoming one of the largest and most respected carriers globally. Now serving over 150 destinations across six continents, Emirates continues to expand its network, enhance its aircraft fleet, and set new standards for air travel quality and service.

Airports that Emirates Airlines Flys To & From

With an extensive global network, Emirates Airlines flies to and from numerous airports worldwide, including major hubs such as Dubai International Airport (DXB), London Heathrow (LHR), and New York-JFK (JFK). Additionally, as a member of the SkyTeam alliance, Emirates flights are often operated in partnership with other airlines, further expanding its range of destinations and available routes.

Example Flight Code Formats for Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines uses both IATA and ICAO flight code formats. IATA codes are made up of the airline's two-letter code (EK for Emirates) combined with the flight number, while ICAO codes are a combination of the airline's three-letter code (UAE for Emirates) and the flight number. The table below provides examples of these formats for several Emirates flights:

Departure Airport Arrival Airport Airline IATA ICAO
Dubai (DXB) New York (JFK) Emirates Airlines EK201 UAE201
Sydney (SYD) Dubai (DXB) Emirates Airlines EK412 UAE412
London (LHR) Dubai (DXB) Emirates Airlines EK004 UAE004
Paris (CDG) Dubai (DXB) Emirates Airlines EK075 UAE075