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Top Airlines Worldwide

Top Airlines Worldwide

Flight codes come in two main formats: IATA and ICAO. IATA codes are more commonly used by the general public and consist of two-character airline codes followed by one to four-digit flight numbers. For example, BA283 represents a British Airways (BA) flight. On the other hand, ICAO codes are used primarily by air traffic control and airline operations such as routing, and they consist of a four-letter alphanumeric code. For instance, the code for the same British Airways flight in ICAO format would be BAW283. Understanding these formats can make your flight tracking experience on more efficient and precise.

Heathrow (London) JFK (New York) British Airways BA117 BAW117
Narita (Tokyo) Changi (Singapore) Japan Airlines JL36 JAL36
Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) Zurich (Switzerland) Thai Airways TG970 THA970
Hamad (Doha) Schiphol (Amsterdam) Qatar Airways QR273 QTR273

These examples represent the IATA and ICAO codes for different airlines, departing from different airports around the globe. The IATA code combines the two-letter airline code with the flight number, while the ICAO code does the same with a three-letter airline code. This table highlights the difference in code formats between the two systems.