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About North American Airlines

North American Airlines is a major airline carrier, providing domestic and international flights across various destinations. Known for its reliability and excellent customer service, this airline is a popular choice for travelers worldwide. By visiting our dedicated North American Airlines page, users can easily track their flights in real-time, access helpful information about the departure and arrival airports, and gather insights into the aircraft type and other essential flight details.

A Brief History of North American Airlines

North American Airlines has an illustrious history, which can be traced back to its humble beginnings in the 20th century. Over the years, the airline has grown in leaps and bounds, expanding its reach to various global destinations and setting a benchmark in the aviation industry. offers users detailed insights into the rich history of North American Airlines, touching upon its milestones, affiliate airlines, and how it has evolved to become the popular choice for travelers today.

Airports that North American Airlines Flys To & From

As a major airline carrier, North American Airlines services a large number of airports around the world. Users can access our comprehensive list of airports – categorized by region and country – where North American Airlines operates. In addition to this, our website provides detailed information about each airport, including their facilities, contact information, and onward travel options.

Example Flight Code Formats for North American Airlines enables users to identify and track their North American Airlines flights using two different code formats – IATA and ICAO. IATA codes are three-letter codes assigned to airlines by the International Air Transport Association, whereas ICAO codes are four-letter codes assigned by the International Civil Aviation Organization. The table below highlights the differences between these two formats, with some examples for various flights.

Departure Airport Arrival Airport Airline IATA ICAO
New York (JFK) Los Angeles (LAX) North American Airlines NAA101 NAAL101
Chicago (ORD) Miami (MIA) North American Airlines NAA356 NAAL356
San Francisco (SFO) Boston (BOS) North American Airlines NAA792 NAAL792
Seattle (SEA) Denver (DEN) North American Airlines NAA063 NAAL063